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Why Should I Hire a Cleaning and Restoration Company?

water damage restorationIt is an almost unavoidable occurrence to have some kind of damage to your home that needs service restoration and repair over a lifetime. In the year 2014, over five percent of insured homeowners had reason to file an insurance claim. 97 percent of those claims were property damage claims. Over the decades, the statistics that this is something you will probably encounter at one point or another. So the question is; when property damage to your home or otherwise occurs, should you hire a professional restoration team? Here are a few reasons showing how it is best to involve the professionals when these issues occur.

You can be ensured your home will be totally safe again after the clean up

This is the single most important reason for why you should hire a restoration company. It is a matter of safety. Many disasters do a lot more damage than what they eye can see. Although there are much more, here is just one example.

Water damage- It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that water in your home will get everything wet and ruin a lot of stuff. It may, however, take one more experience to detect potential structural damage caused by the water. Another danger is mold growth. Most molds cause minor symptoms and you will definitely want to get rid of it. The real danger is black mold. Black mold can cause mental issues, respiratory problems, and even death in severe cases.

 It will get done quickly and efficiently

This is pretty simple. A whole team of professional cleaners will obviously get the job done a lot more efficiently compared to just a single person or that person and a few people that person knows coming to help. Dependent on the severity of the damage, everything could be taken care of in just a couple days and then life will return back to normal for you.

 They will help you with your insurance claim

Let’s be honest, no one likes dealing with insurance companies. Especially in times of crisis when it’s the last thing you want to think about. The long contracts and endless time spent on the phone only add to the confusion. A huge benefit of hiring a cleaning and restoration company is they deal with insurance companies on a daily basis so they will know how to best help you wade through the paperwork and confusion. Not to mention, the services of restoration companies are covered by most insurance policies.

Less stress on you

This basically sums up all the previous points. There are more stressors than one could mention that accompany home damage. Don’t subject yourself to that. If you hire a qualified restoration company, you won’t need to worry about the lingering health risks that a disaster could leave. The job will get done quickly and in a timely manner. It won’t drag on and on, but will be back to new in no time. When disaster strikes, we at G.S. Jones Restoration and Consulting located in the Pittsburgh area are here to help you get back on your feet. Don’t let yourself suffer more than is needful. Let us be there to clean up the mess while you figure the rest out.

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