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Our History

George, Dan, and Scott Jones founded G.S. Jones and Sons in 1985 as a construction and consulting company that specialized in fire and water damage restoration.  George and Dan brought 18 and 5 years experience respectively to the property damage restoration business.  Scott began working full time in 1986 after completing a two-year project with Stone & Webster Engineering Company at the Beaver Valley #2 Nuclear Power Station.

The family run company has maintained slow but constant growth since 1985 with the primary goal and mission statement of:

“To provide property damage recovery services to commercial and residential markets while utilizing ethical principles, quality workmanship, and rapid response in a well thought out cost conscious approach.”

In the early 2000’s, G.S. Jones and Sons became known by its current name G.S. Jones, LLC.  The name change also brought forth a new logo.

Who We Are Today

Today, G.S. Jones still operates as a family owned business with the guiding principles of ethics, quality, and a sound cost conscious approach. Whether you have suffered a property disaster claim, or are a professional member of a claim team, G.S. Jones disaster services have the experience and knowledge to assist you through the claim process. We are the only restoration company in our region to offer all the services you will see. Our estimators, consultants, and project managers will work with the property owner and claims adjuster to determine the correct scope of work and dollar cost to restore the property.

Our reputation with regional and national claims adjusters is excellent and our continued goal of adhering to a code of ethics and quality approach to every project is the cornerstone of which we have successfully completed more than 3,000 restoration services and consulting projects over the last twenty-three years. We take pride in our guarantee to the property owner that the restoration project will only cost you your deductible. That’s how confident we are in our knowledge and expertise to work with the claims adjuster to determine the right scope and price for the project. If additional work is requested (non claim related), while G.S. Jones is there, we will be happy to discuss this and provide upfront pricing before the first hammer is swung.