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Smoke Damage


Smoke can result from many different sources: the roast left unattended in the stove, electrical short circuits, soot from an oxygen starved fire, or soot from an oxygen-rich fire.  G.S. Jones can provide smoke damage repair services by assessing the type of cleaning method and chemicals required for various combustion residues.

Often times a homeowner will attempt to clean smoke residue and soon find out that they are making it worse.

Since smoke particles can become ionized by the addition or subtraction of a charged particle such as an electron, nail heads, which are invisible behind drywall now seem to appear.  This is not due to “nail pops”, but rather is due to their magnetic attraction to the ionized smoke particles.

Another phenomena called smoke webs can result from stronger charges from non-organic compounds.  Smoke residue can travel through out the structure through air flow patterns.  It is common to see it distributed in heating registers, ductwork, and under doorways.