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5 Myths About Water Damage

water damage services pittsburgh, water damage cleanup company pittsburghOn average, a Pennsylvania home may use 200-300 gallons of water a day. If you live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, you can expect that you are consuming around 65-70 gallons of water a day. We as humans value water beyond its drinking purposes. Most of the appliances in our homes use water in some sort of way. Water is a foundational aspect of life but can be dangerous as well. Water damage may occur in your home or business. When this happens, immediate action is needed to provide restoration services. Businesses like GS Jones are readily prepared for any water damage emergency. They stand on call and ready to answer your phone call for help 24/7. Your home will be in good hands when you turn it over to trained water damage experts.

The first step technicians will take is to inspect the damage. They will use both invasive and noninvasive methods to find the exact locations of water and to assess the damage. From the inspection, they will develop a personalized plan of how to best go about extracting the water and restoring your home. They will use high-end equipment to erase moisture and test the quality of the affected areas. It is their main goal to effectively, quickly, and efficiently remove all standing water. If water comes from an outside flood or any sewage pipes, the cleaning crew will be able to remove the contaminated water and sanitize the water-damaged area to keep you and your home healthy.

Professional help will really help you get back on your feet and be at peace with your water damage experience. Before you call in professionals to clean up after water damage, you may have presumptions about water damage. It is important to be able to distinguish between truths and myths. There are some common misconceptions about water damage, and here they are:

  1. Insurance Can’t Help – If you believe your water damage restoration will not be covered by insurance, you may be wrong. Rest assured If you have homeowners’ insurance because you will likely be covered by insurance in the cleanup and restoration process.
  2. Water Damage Doesn’t Need Fixing – Though water does evaporate, water damage just not simply dry itself. Water stores itself in walls and flooring. This can lead to mold, worse damage, and mold. Water needs to be cleaned up before it becomes a health hazard. If your carpet smells musty or moldy, get it checked by professionals for mold growth.
  3. Getting Help Can Wait – It is not smart to wait. It will cost you more in the end. Do not waste time trying to clean up after water damage yourself. It is a nice effort, but you do not have the equipment and training that professionals have. A team coming in to work quickly and efficiently will be well worth the cost. Do not put off calling in help because water damage will quickly lead to mold.
  4. The Floors are Long Gone – Stay optimistic about your home. Though it is currently damaged, professionals will be able to use well-practiced skills and proper equipment to successfully target water damage to truly restore your flooring back to its original state.
  5. Water Damage Didn’t Happen – Just because you can’t see water, does not mean it is hiding and still causing damage. Water damage is not always easily detectable. When professionals come in, they will be able to find hidden water damage with their infrared technology. You will be thankful to have professionals there to catch undetected moisture before it causes problems!