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How to Detect Water Damage in Old Homes

water damage service pittsburgh, water damage cleanup pittsburghAlthough older Pittsburgh homes are charming and inviting, they can pack their fair share of hidden problems. The untrained eye can pick up on many red flags, but what about well-disguised water damage? This crash course on detecting water damage will assist you in spotting signs of damage in older homes. Whether you’re currently living in an older home or considering purchasing one, take note of these warning signs so you can be well aware of future problems.

Buckled walls and flooring

Carefully examine floorboards and tiling. Warped or mismatched flooring is evidence of hidden water damage. Having a hard time knowing if there’s a problem? Walk carefully along the floor to feel for uneven surfaces. Abnormalities will quickly be apparent. Repairing damage from warped flooring can be as simple as replacing the floorboards or as intensive as installing
new floors and protective layering.

Crumbling areas

Any sort of crumbling wood could mean an area has been near the source of a water leak. Brittle wooden window sills weakened baseboards, and crumbling door frames are all things to watch for. If you’re having trouble telling the difference between water damage or merely worn down areas due to old age, feel free to contact a professional water damage restoration company in the Pittsburgh area.

Musty smell

Water damage can go unnoticed with your eyes, but it can’t escape your nose. Although older homes generally have a faint musty odor, the smell will be much more apparent in rooms where water has caused damage in the past.

After-Storm Leaks

If you have the opportunity, visit your prospective home after a rainstorm. Look for abnormalities in the way the house behaves. Do you feel raindrops coming from the ceiling? Do the doors allow water to seep in? Does water pool anywhere inside? If the answer is yes, you can begin to look into repair costs for the job.

New paint

In an attempt to cover water damage, many homeowners will paint over discoloration from a water leak rather than fix the problem. Look for recently painted ceilings or wall patches that don’t seem to fit in. Feel free to ask the reason for the cover-up and if water damage was the cause.


Roofs that aren’t well-insulated invite water seepage. Without proper insulation, interior heat rises and melts the snow. When it continues to snow, this layer is trapped under fresh snow and is forced downward into the roof. This compromises the structural integrity of the home and can be expensive to fix.

Although water damage most often happens behind the scenes, it is manifest in a variety of ways. Professional inspectors can aid in the process of discovering the extent and severity of water damage. If you own an older home and are having difficulties with recurring water damage incidents, call G.S. Jones in Pittsburgh. Older homes are packed with character and need to be treated correctly. Taking care of your home is a top priority for us. Give us a call today!