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Six Things All Swissvale Homeowners Should Know About Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration swissval, water damage cleanup swissvaleWhen you experience a water disaster in Swissvale, there are a few things you should already know. Being a homeowner means being responsible and knowing what needs to happen in an emergency situation. Here are 6 things you should know when your home suffers a water disaster.

  1. Act quickly. When water damage is concerned, it’s important to realize that you’re working with a very narrow time window. The longer a leak is allowed to go unchecked or water stand, the more damage it can cause to your Swissvale home or business. There are additional hazards like mold growth to consider, which can happen within 24 hours. Luckily, there are 24-hour professional companies, like GS Jones, who are specialized in responding quickly and with efficiency. The faster you act, the more damage that can be avoided and the sooner that your life will be returned to normal.
  2. Contact a water damage restoration company that works with insurance companies. Dealing with your insurance company can be quite stressful. Especially if you aren’t familiar with your policy or the claim process. Most reputable water damage restoration companies in Swissvale will help guide you through this process to make sure you get the best coverage. This helps speed up the process and make it easier overall to deal with. Understanding what your insurance can help with will enable you to budget and plan better, and have a better grasp of the situation.
  3. Insurance doesn’t treat all types of water damage the same. There are often different policies depending on the type of damage you’re working with. For example, damage from a flooding river is considered different from damage due to a faulty dishwasher. It helps to familiarize yourself insurance’s policy to avoid any surprises on that front. Being aware of what they’re likely to cover and understanding your own company’s policies can help you know what to expect of your situation.
  4. Water Damage can potentially lower the value of your house. The unfortunate truth is that no prospective buyer is going to want to purchase a house with potential or past water problems. In order to avoid this eventuality, you need to ensure that whatever damage that you’re dealing with is entirely repaired. Do this by choosing a professional company that has all of the necessary tools resources to permanently repair the problem. This is the only way to ensure that it’s not an issue you or anyone else has to deal with again.
  5. Understand the pollution level of the water. Know whether you’re dealing with a clean source or a contaminated source. An example of the two would be like water from a line that provides drinking water versus water from a sewage pipe. Water from a clean source is safe for you to be around and work with, whereas contaminated water can pose another very serious risk. If you suspect that a source is contaminated, steer clear. In addition, it’s important to realize that even if you are dealing with a clean water source, it won’t necessarily stay that way. The longer water sits, the more likely that it has been contaminated by bacteria.
  6. You can take action yourself. There are some things you can do yourself to minimize damage while waiting for or while a water damage restoration company repairs the problem. You can prevent mold growth by increasing airflow. For example, if the weather allows, open windows, turn on the air conditioning and turn on fans while opening drawers and doors. If things like furniture, wall hangings, and rugs can be removed, do so. The team at GS Jones wants you to remember to take caution around potentially compromised building structures. If you’re in doubt or concerned about your safety, always wait for the professionals.