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Recovering Documents after a Business Flood

While spring flood season has come and gone on the East Coast, severe weather is still a real threat, as are everyday mishaps. Floods are not a seasonal disaster. A water loss in your business can happen day or night, during a blizzard in January in Pittsburgh, or a heat wave in mid-July. Having a disaster prep plan in place is key to being able to weather any sort of loss at your business – flood, fire, or otherwise.

Have you thought about what would happen to the important and vital documents in your business if you experience a flood or some kind of water loss? Fortunately, most businesses have everything saved electronically now, but there are always some documents that are on good, old-fashioned paper. And yes, it might be possible to save those documents.

water damageAct Quickly

Let’s say you arrive Monday morning to discover a pipe burst in your front office and flooded every single filing cabinet with a waterfall of moisture. The most important thing to do is act quickly. That means having a reputable restoration company you trust, like GS Jones, on speed dial and giving them a call immediately so they can begin the restoration process.

It does not take long for mold and mildew to grow on water-soaked documents, and the longer they sit, the more difficult it will be to salvage them. Dirt can also penetrate the pores of the wet paper very easily and slowly break down the fibers and ink. Once the text is illegible, restoration pretty much becomes a moot point.

Cold is Key

Believe it or not, cooling down the document is how we save it. Cooling it down or freezing it can help restore the document more quickly at a lesser cost. While the documents are in this state, they can be carefully inventoried and sorted, and the decision can be made what will be restored and what will just need to be thrown away. Everything to be salvaged will be very carefully labeled.

Cooling down the document also kills any bacteria that might have been growing on it.

The Cleaning

One the document is dried, careful cleaning begins using special sponges. The document may also be vacuumed to carefully remove any debris. Once the items are cleaned, they will be returned to you!


GS Jones understands confidentiality is key, and many of your files could contain sensitive information. This will certainly be taken into consideration when coming up with a plan, with you, to restore the documents combien le viagra. That includes taking into account any legal requirements.

GS Jones can help you get a plan in place to be ready for any loss you might face. A written disaster recovery plan can truly be the difference between a quick recovery, and a feeling of chaos within your organization. If you have a plan in place, if a disaster does happen, you can rest assured our team will be there to help you reopen and get working again as quickly as possible.

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