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7 Home Reconstruction Ideas on a Budget

Reconstruction Services Pittsburgh, Disaster Reconstruction PittsburghWinter is a popular time to tackle home remodeling projects, either on your own or by hiring it out to a professional contractor, like G.S. Jones. With channels like HGTV and TLC, and shows like Fixer Upper, House Hunters, and Property Brothers, we see homeowners more eager than ever to make some changes inside their homes, and most find that’s possible on just about any budget!

Here are seven reconstruction and remodeling ideas that can help save you money on your next big projects.

  1. Limit recessed lighting.

There are gorgeous lighting options out there today. While recessed lighting is a popular choice for many people, the work of cutting holes, adding the lights, and insulating around them really adds to the cost of lighting in your remodeled area.

  1. Think efficiency.

Instead of blowing out a wall in your kitchen, have a contractor or designer take a good look at your current space, and come up with ideas to rearrange things in the area you currently have. Your money will go a lot further if you’re able to avoid knocking out walls or doing any major remodeling. Besides, when it comes to kitchens, there are a lot of space-saving and storage options available today that likely wasn’t around during your last remodeling go-round.

  1. Invest in sweat equity.

You might not be a remodeling or reconstruction expert, but there might be parts of the project you can handle on your own to help cut down the costs. For example, are you capable of painting or sanding a few walls? What about sweeping and cleaning up at the end of the day? Anything you can do to save on labor hours is good because, well, your hours are free.

  1. Look into look-alikes.

We meet a lot of customers who want the latest in countertops and flooring. However, we also find budgets often don’t match up to wants. So, let us help you look for affordable, high-quality alternatives that can often slash the price in half – but have the same and feel as the real deal.

  1. Make decisions early.

Changing your mind costs you money if it happens late in the game when things have already been ordered. Try to stand by the decisions you make. We suggest going with your gut and what you like and trying not to second guess your choices. We are here to help put you at ease as you make these decisions! We understand at the end of the project, it is your property … and you need to be happy with it!

  1. Think long-term.

You might be tempted to go with a lower cost flooring, countertop, or appliance now to work within your budget. However, will that option hold up in the long run, or will you just end up replacing it sooner than slightly more expensive alternatives? Consider longevity with value when making your choices.

  1. Have a cushion.

Lastly, we recommend giving yourself a 20 percent cushion in your budget, no matter how big or small your project. This will come in handy when there’s an unexpected expense or discovery during the project, and remove the stress of going way over budget.