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Common Causes Of Fires In The Home

fire damage restoration swissvale, fire damage repair swissvaleFires can be a good thing, but can quickly be turned into very scary and serious situations. From cooking food, lighting candles, kids & barbecues, there are many things to be aware of to keep those fires from turning into house fires.

To prepare yourself for potential fires in your home, here are some things you can keep in mind as you go throughout your daily life to help you prevent fires.


Be responsible when lighting candles. Keep bare candles in sturdy holders and make sure to blow out the candle when you are leaving a room or leaving the house altogether It is also a good idea to keep candles out of reach of curtains, papers, or places that could easily be reached by children or pets.

Cooking Equipment

Cooking can seem to be a care free thing to do, but with burners on the stove at high temperatures, things can go south really quick. Be sure to stay in the kitchen when anything is cooking on the stove. A slash of grease or an unclean burner can start a fire within seconds. Be attentive and try to not get distracted while cooking in the kitchen and things should go smoothly.

Careless Smoking

If you choose to smoke indoors, do so with caution. You should consider using deep ash trays and be mindful of where your cigarettes are discarded. There is a big potential fire hazard if cigarettes are discarded in couches, carpet, pillows and many other things around the house.


If kids know where the matches are or mess with lit candles, it can turn into a scary situation. Keep any and all things that are potential fire hazards out of children’s reach. Kids are very curious and sneaky, so it is important to keep those kinds of things away from them and keep an eye on them!

Electrical Appliances

Things to watch out for with electrical appliances is overusing extension cords and frayed or loose cords and plugs.


There are many types of portable heaters now-a-days and they can get very high in temperatures. Keep furniture, clothing and anything flammable at a safe distance from heaters. If you have a fire place or furnace, it would be wise to get it checked out every year or so to ensure proper function.

Flammable Liquids

Any flammable liquids, such as rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover should be kept in an area away from heat sources.

Faulty Wiring

Some signs to look for if you suspect you have faulty wiring are: circuit breaks or a fuse blows frequently, you have to use a lot of extension cords, and you find that you have to disconnect one appliance to use another. It’s best to called someone licensed to wire if you think there may be a problem.

At GS Jones Restoration, we are a 24/7 emergency service in Swissville and will dispatch a team right away to secure your property and take immediate steps to mitigate the damage.