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Restore Your Stuff– Restore Your Life

contents restoration pittsburgh, contents cleaning pittsburghAfter a flood, fire, or another devastating event, you will struggle to get your home and life back together. As soon as your family your house is safe, your thoughts turn immediately to your stuff.

Contents restoration is the process to restore damaged property; it is also the first step to restoring people’s lives and livelihoods. While property damage comes from many types of disaster, all owners want their routines and their property back as soon as possible.

Of course, which pieces are salvageable depends on the type and severity of the damage. Certainly, not every item can be restored, but with the right tools and training, many items can be recovered. The key is quickly assessing the damage and applying the correct techniques for each material.

Fire Damage And Water Damage

The damage that occurs to property during fires, floods, accidents and other disasters is often much more severe than it first appears. The original fire itself is destructive and an item that is physically burned or melted cannot be restored. Additional damage can also occur from a) smoke particles and soot, and b) water or fire-fighting chemicals. Then, if not dried properly, mold and mildew can destroy what is left.

Damage to your property must be dealt with quickly but systematically; the decisions made in the first few hours really affect the outcome.

Specialized Restoration Services

A full-service disaster recovery team might have specific service offerings to help you recover from a flood or fire. Here are some top-end options:

Pack Out

If conditions are hazardous and not safe or suitable for onsite cleaning, a pack-out may be necessary. All valuables are carefully inventoried, packed and transported to secure facilities. Under controlled conditions, they are then unpacked, cleaned, deodorized, inspected, repacked and labeled.

Deodorization and Drying chambers

Specific processes may be necessary to dry or eliminate odors in contents.  For example, ultra-violet light or ozone can be used to remove odors by chemically changing the structure of the molecules that are creating the smell; that’s why it so effective in removing lingering odors.

For contents that require controlled drying, items can be set onto mobile racks and then placed into a drying chamber. Heat, dehumidification and air movement facilitate a very controlled drying process.

Documents, Data Recovery, and Fine Art Restoration

Paper and canvas are fragile mediums. So are electronic data storage devices. When exposed to smoke, soot, and water, these structures will quickly begin to break down. A full-service restoration company can provide emergency services to restore documents, electronic files, and works of art.  Whether you have family heirlooms, museum quality art, or tera gigs of data, a network of highly skilled professionals can evaluate and restore valuables: paintings, statues, taxidermy, photographs, murals, and documents.

Trust The Professionals At G.S. Jones

When you have suffered a property loss, count on G.S. Jones to recover as many of your possessions as possible.  In the event disaster strikes,  you will need a reliable inventory system, a knowledgeable tea, and the best tools: various ultrasonic machines, washing machines, cleaning stations, ozone rooms, and secured vaults. Success depends on a properorganizationaln structure, a highly trained staff, and state of the art facilities to handle jobs of all sizes.

Based in Pittsburgh, they are experts in both a) exploring ways to prevent hazards and reducing your risk and b) recovering your household contents after a disaster.  Call 877-898-2932 or visit for more information.