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Content Cleaning: Saving Your Stuff!

content cleaning common itemsWe’ve all felt that sinking feeling, that knot in our stomach when we witness a prized possession of ours get damaged or destroyed in one way or another. Imagine that feeling on a large scale as your house is severely damaged by water, fire, or something else. Oftentimes it’s not the home itself that has deep rooted sentimental value in our hearts, but it’s the possessions inside the home that mean so much to us. However, don’t worry just yet. All is not lost. At GS Jones Restoration and Consulting we specialize in the recovery and restoration of those prized possessions of yours. Here are a few that we specialize in and how we can help you recover those things that are of great importance to you.

Content Cleaning For Your Possessions

Fine art- For all the money that is put into pieces of fine art it is almost physically painful to see them suffer damage of any kind, but fortunately there is a lot that can be done to bring these pieces of art back to life. At GS Jones we specialize in the restoration of paintings, statues, taxidermy, photographs, and murals. Tears, water stains, scorch marks, chips, and scratches can all be repaired fairly easily with the help of a professional.

Document recoveryWith important documents no doubt located throughout your home, this is no doubt a huge problem for a lot of people. Fortunately, a lot can be done with damaged documents in helping them look like new once again. If this happens to you, the first thing to do is to carefully move to damaged documents to a safe environment. At GS Jones we have specialized facilities for storing your damaged documents to ensure they are restored to the best quality possible.

Computer/electronics Electronics and water tend not to mix too well. Most anyone can relate to an incident where they lost a valuable piece of electronics to water or some other hazard. Even though your computer, iPad, television, etc. might look beyond repair don’t give up quite yet. In many cases at least the information on the electronic device can be recovered. At GS Jones we understand it’s important to counsel with our clients so you understand what is going on. We will have an expert evaluate the damage and in each situation determine the pricing and possibility of recovery with you.

Common household items- Last of all there are the simple common household items in your house. Examples of such would be draperies, upholstered furniture, lamps, dishware, furniture, knick knacks, and so forth. This can be a real headache to figure out considering you probably have a lot of those types of thing around your house. Again, our content restoration technicians will thoroughly do an inventory of everything and determine the most effective way to save as many things as possible.

GS Jones Restoration and Consulting is located in the Dormont, Pennsylvania area, and we are here to help you save as many of your possession as possible. So when disaster strikes, don’t waste ay time to give us a call so we can work with you and figure out the best approach to saving as many of your possessions as possible.

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