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Commercial Water Damage cleanup in Pittsburgh

commercial water damage cleanupIf your business is dealing with water damage it can be difficult to know what to do or whom to call. Not only that, but not knowing the impact it may have on your business and employees can be really scary. When you find your business or commercial property in Pittsburgh affected by water damage, there are some steps to take to help manage the situation.

Be Prepared

Disaster planning is crucial so there is less stress in an already stressful situation. In an emergency situation a disaster plan can help everyone stay on task and also helps make sure nothing is overlooked.  In the event of commercial water damage, panic can arise and if there is a plan it can ease some of the frustration.

Here at GS Jones we have the Preclaim program to help local businesses plan for disasters and prepare for emergency situations. We offer these services to help businesses bounce back after a disaster or emergency happens. This way we can help protect your property and your business.

If you know when to call our professionals at GS Jones for professional help, it can save a lot of money and time. It is tough to know if you can do the cleanup yourself or not, in many instances it is best to call a professional. Depending on the extent and amount of water damage, and whether you have the proper equipment to handle removing all of the water and make sure the area is completely dry so mold or permanent damage do not become a problem, it is best to call our professionals. We have the proper equipment and we can dry the area quickly and efficiently.

When the water is contaminated from sewage backups, flash flooding, etc, we can help here at GS Jones. IT is best to call us because we can provide professional cleaning and we will also ensure that all the steps needed to be taken to make sure the area is cleaned and properly disinfected. We want you and your employees, and your customers to be safe. Due to the nature of the contaminated waters there may be harmful types of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and fungi. To prevent exposure to those and infection, proper equipment is needed. We have that equipment to help when you are in need.

We have executed water damage cleanup for many commercial properties throughout the Pittsburgh area. We have been serving the area since 1985. For all your planning and commercial water damage clean up come to GS Jones, we are happy to <a href="https://www.gsjonesrestoration viagra a”>help you and your business.