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Cheers and Jeers for Springtime

cheers-jeers2You have survived the winter with your sanity intact and are looking forward to the spring. Fragrant flowers, lush green landscapes, freshly scented air and an overall feeling of optimism with summer just around the corner. With all the good things the spring season brings, some negative aspects often accompany the things we all look forward to.

Spring storms are often more damage creating than a winter snowfall. Excessive rain, high winds, and sometimes even hail can wreak havoc on your home inside and out.

Water damage is one of the most common problems that residents experience in their homes. Water seeping into roof and foundation holes can do a significant amount of structural damage to the home if not addressed immediately, damaging carpets, flooring, drywall, furniture and other household items. The longer the water sits, other problems can arise such as mold and mildew.

Wind is usually responsible for the majority of damage to a home during a storm. It can uproot trees, tear off siding, damage gutters and soffit. Wind also has the power to knock out or burst open windows and doors, rip off roof sheathing (decking) and destroy gable end walls.

Over-hanging eaves and gable end rakes, extended awnings, open porches, and other features that tend to trap air beneath them are particularly susceptible to being damaged or torn off the building during a hurricane. Wind-borne debris from neighboring buildings, including shingles and tiles, can break windows and damage roof coverings and walls.

About 4800 hailstorms strike the nation every year. Of these perhaps 500 to 700 produce hailstones large enough to cause damage or injury.

Hail from hailstorms come in different shapes, sizes and velocities. When these rock hard ice pellets hit a home, numerous hail damage pat-terns can be formed. Severe hailstorms can cause granular bareness on shingles, holes in siding, or broken glass. In less volatile circumstances shingles may be-come softened, siding can become chipped, cracked or dented, and water leakage can form from compromised materials on the exterior of the home.

Unfortunately, wind, water and hail damage often occur at the same time. Calling an experienced professional immediately can help mitigate the damages of Mother Nature’s Trifecta.

G.S. Jones has been involved in many restoration projects for damage due to devastating spring storms for both commercial and residential properties and while we would never wish for these type of devastating forces to affect anyone it is at the same time al-most unavoidable. After the damage occurs you can depend on G. S. Jones to help restore your property.