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Helping Pittsburg Hospitals Prepare for Disasters

 Emergency Preparedness For HospitalsDisaster can strike at any time. While there might be warning about severe spring storms, the remnants of a hurricane, or a massive snow storm, there are so many other things that can put a hospital into internal emergency mode every single day. Think about electrical or cafeteria fires, burst pipes, and floods, or an unfortunate act of violence. Any of those events can trigger a hospital’s emergency protocols, and among them should be calling in a trusted contractor to help to get the ball rolling to repair the problem immediately, with as little an impact on the hospital and its day-to-day operations as possible.

G.S. Jones has been doing restoration work in homes and businesses in the Pittsburgh area for more than 30 years. Today, the company doesn’t just offer help after the disaster, it is helping businesses everywhere be prepared for the worst. That includes hospitals! In 2015, we did work at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC, and have worked with many other educational, governmental, religious organizations as their restoration contractor of choice.

Disaster Plan Creation

Having a disaster plan in place with G.S. Jones means we already know your hospital and your specific needs. It means we have an ongoing relationship with hospital leadership and can be at your location very quickly in the event of a disaster that requires a restoration contractor. By having a plan in place, you are not only protecting your patients, you are also protecting your entire team – and your facility itself.

It is also worth noting that G.S. Jones can help you explore ways to prevent disasters and reduce risks within the hospital. While we aren’t healthcare experts, we are building and environment experts who are highly trained and experienced in identifying potential problem areas.

When we create a plan with you, we want to understand what the hospital does in the case of a disaster of any kind – be it big or small. By better understanding your protocols, we can better help you as it is all playing out by responding in appropriate ways, staying out of the way of critical healthcare areas, and quickly containing areas where a risk to the public may exist.

This plan won’t just sit stagnant on a shelf until something happens. It can be updated often, and you can rest assured that our team won’t suddenly become strangers to you and your needs.

Importance of Experience

Plus, you don’t want to hire a contractor to work in a hospital setting with no experience working in a healthcare setting, or that is unaware of how to contain and mitigate a problem. suggests every business – no matter the sector – have an emergency plan in place. We are sure you have an emergency plan in place when it comes to your patient and your employees. But once they’re taken care of, who is taking care of you and the hospital itself?

While you’re here on our website, please take a moment to look at the many Letters of Recommendation from fellow businesses in the Pittsburgh area. G.S. Jones has a plethora of experience when it comes to disaster response for businesses big and small, and we hope to be here to help you in the future, too.